Hi Res tape editing

If I record a single hi-hat or 16th note to tape can I then slide that slice of tape by 16th or higher increments with the hi res tape editing?

I’m just wondering how surgical I can get with building a single drum pattern using all four tracks then resampling that to one tape

I’ve been searching the forum and the nets but I haven’t quite found an answer to to this or seen an example of meticulous editing of tape…

it’s just an option to change the grid to finer increments which is great for smaller snippets inserting to the drum sampler engine.

it adds every snippet to the beginning of the sample until it reaches 12sec but will continue to add newer ones and cuts the old buffer respectively

Thanks for replying. I think I know what you mean. But is it a tape editing function as well? Like can I lift a 16th hat and shift the timing by 64th note to create my own swing? Or nudge a note on the tape track by a 32nd note? Can I record a 1 bar loop and cut the tape on the track into 8ths?

u can nudge tape segments in very very small incremements using shift+blue knob

but if u are looking to snap tape segments to a grid
the finest resolution the tape grid goes is 1/8th notes.

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Ok thanks @docshermsticks

So it’s like a free form nudge but It snaps to 8ths. Got it. Can you free hand cut or split takes in a bar like a 16th hat?

ya u can free hand cut split rejoin
u can free hand nudge too
u can turn the grid off also

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Don’t forget tricks like doubling or halving your tempo to get 1/16 or 1/4 notes. Assuming you have the space to change your tempo, this sometimes can be faster.

Yes indeed @Sterkinator thanks! As I continue to be torn between the 1 and Z im continuing to be drawn to the Op-1 “limitations” and workarounds with tape. I’m notoriously good for making things harder then they need to be anyways :rofl:

Nudging notes is important to my style and it was a big reason why I liked the Z

Still torn though :persevere:

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I mostly produce on the MPC, and when folks start talking about timing and swing, I try to remind them that an audio looper gives you the ultimate in free control and expression.

The OP-Z is really good for on the grid, and pretty flexible for off the grid… but if you want full control of where hits land, the OP-1 definitely has it beat. It’s just a matter of how much time you’re willing to invest in creating and practicing a process that can ultimately lead to what you want.