Hidden Filter FX for Drums


Tl;DR: Could someone please share a Drum Patch with the hidden ‘Filter’ FX enabled?

New to the forum. I just learned about the Iter and Filter Fx and find especially the Filter really useful.
I want to use the FX on drums, but it just can’t find a Drum Patch with it enabled.
There is are only a few mentions of it here in the forums but all the links are dead or removed. Pasting FX in the OP-1 between Drum and Synth doesn’t seem to be possible. I also searched OP. Fun but haven’t had any luck. Would someone please share a patch or tell me how I could manage to make my own.

Thanks and have a nice day!

this forum doesn’t allow direct uploads of patches or zips so put it up on my website

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u can also unlock FILTER and ITER in your menus by using the custom firmware unpacking tool

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Dude, you are a Legend! Thank you very much. Never thought someone would reply that quickly!

I already read about the Custom Firmware. I am really interested but it seems to be a lot of effort and I am a bit concerned about the stability of the Firmware. Do you use the custom FW?

wavi’s unpacking tool makes it super easy actually.
i’ve been using the custom FW through several updates now
and have had no issues whatsoever on each of them
obv u are doing this at your own risk disclaimer
but its fairly harmless IME

u gotta understand that the firmware really isn’t being edited at all
the things u can do w/ the unpacker is very surface level, non-invasive stuff.