Hidden screen on OP-Z app

Hi everyone, I came across a screen on the Android version of the OP-Z app I’ve not seen before:

I was on the master track at the time and was setting up a midi controller. I don’t know what midi message I sent to activate this mode, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it again. The screen disappeared when I fiddled with something on the OP-Z. Anyone know what this is or how to activate it?


That looks suspiciously like a sidechain setup screen… :face_with_monocle:


This is very interesting, coupled with the leak of the green “Line” module, maybe side chain, compression, EQ could be hidden capabilities that are being tested. Would love to see TE add a vocoder, like Arturia did with the MicroFreak. The M1 headset would be perfect for voice source.


Only thing I find off, are the 3 dials. They don’t feel very TE… Probably because it’s still in test phase?

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I thought that too, they are a totally different style compared to the rest of the application.

Good analysis. TE, and their test users, most likely have been iterating through test cycles. Cleaning up the UI/UX, is probably being worked on as well. I guess there would be another OP-Z OS release, when the module gets released. Wonder what other hidden/test portions of the OP-Z OS , that have not been stumbled upon, but might have been stealthy released in 1.2.31, 1.2.38, 1.2.39, 1.2.40 …


“I thought that too, they are a totally different style compared to the rest of the application.”

Looks like the default, unity-ui-extensions / UI_Knob, hastily put up, they might be experimenting with some other type of UI control, but put it up quickly for the beta testers to have some type of control, as an interim.


I wrote a little Python script to scan through all possible CC messages sending to channel 0 (the current track) while on the master track. I watched the app and could see values changing, but I couldn’t get that mode to activate, or if it did, another CC message deactivated it before I noticed it. Maybe a glitch allowed me to activate it. :confused:

Here’s the script for anyone that’s interested:

import mido
import time

outport = mido.open_output("OP-Z 1")

for cc in range(128):
    for value in range(128):
        msg = mido.Message("control_change", channel=0, control=cc, value=value)
        print(f"Sending {msg}...")

The green one is up there on KICK > CHORD probably to select the source


The same screen popped up last night on my IPad during the twitch stream. I have no idea what midi and commands were sent to show it. I couldn’t control any of the parameters either.

The full video is on my twitch channel Twitch it happens early on in the stream then again at 52mins 55 seconds.
(Sorry if it seems like self promotion, it really isn’t. I’m very keen to find out more about these settings)