Hidden Tape Track Feature

Hey there, I searched the web for any information regarding this hidden functionality, but so far have been unable to come up with any solid documentation of what I’ve stumbled upon.

If I’m using the tape track and hold down the track button, the LEDs change slightly. I’ve noticed that while holding the track button, the green encoder seems to let you choose between momentary (all the way to the left) and toggle (all the way to right) activation on the tape’s buffer.

The red encoder lets you blend in your dry signal back in with the tape track.

I’m still stumped as to what the yellow and blue encoders do while holding down the track button, but maybe someone else on the forum has some insight into this. Has anyone else stumbled upon this?


Green is for hold or freeze , someone wrote something about it last month on this site.

what? :slight_smile:

ah i know. it‘s the same led behavior like on all other sound tracks.

normally you change the poly/mono/legato and note style with track button held and encoders.

it’s not freezing then, it’s droning. Keys kept hold.

the App doesn‘t represent this on tape track. for now. the one master fx and one tape roll in the App do feel quiet lonely…

Cool didn’t know that about the red encoder, going to try that now. Drone mode on note length for tape is great. I stop the sequencer and just try all the different white keys to find good loops. Wishing the green encoder would allow reverse playback of the tape, maybe they’ll add it later.
It’s been posted elsewhere but you can record the microphone to the tape buffer; you have to shift-select the yellow led for the module track, and stop the sequencer right after recording the mic input (or else the buffer gets overwritten). I think it uses the module track because that’s where the sampler module would eventually go, theoretically.