High electronic whine when USB + audio plugged in

Hey guys,

I’ve been using my OP-1 as both a MIDI controller and as a sound generator, but when I plug both into my computer I get the high whining sound you hear at the beginning of this video: Ambient Video Entertainment Network - YouTube

Does anyone else have this? Have you fixed it?

ground loop isolator fixes this
its a common issue when plugging USB and AUDIO between two devices

turning off USB charging on OP1 is supposed to fix this
but it doesn’t always work…u could try that too

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How do I turn off USB charging? Worth a try at least.


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Didn’t work, but thanks for the tip!

I use a dongle on the audio cable to cut the whine. Even better is to use the USB cable for both audio and midi.

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yea ground loop isolator will def cure what ails u
has worked for me for years

something like this

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Ordered it! Will try.

Though, right now it seems a lot of the whine is coming from when I open up my streaming software too.

like my good man @mistercharlie suggests
if u update to the new firmware which opens up USB AUDIO streaming
by making the OP1 an audio interface
u can also get AUDIO and MIDI over the USB without any need to traditional audio cables and such
this would also prolly eliminate your ground loop

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