High pitched feedback from ground loop


Hello all. I was hoping someone could lend me their expertise. I have a Digitone I’m trying to use as a sequencer for my OP-1 and am getting a nasty bit of audio feedback and after doing some research I believe it’s originating from a ground loop that is being created by my mixer and the USB MIDI host I am using to communicate between the OP-1 and DN.
I am running audio out from both the DN and OP-1 to an old Behringer Xenyx 1622 FX I have on loaner. The MIDI USB host I am using to communicate between the DN and OP-1 is by a company called Doremidi. The MIDI USB host is connected to a USB hub for power.
When I frankensteined this rig together a couple of days ago I was seemingly able to resolve this issue by removing the power cord for the USB hub from the daisy chain it was sharing with the mixer and plugging it into a different outlet. Now I am getting the feedback no matter what. I have tried every outlet in this room to power the USB hub away from the mixer, tried power cycling everything and turning things on in different order. If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

P.S. If anyone can clue me in to why my post only wants to appear in an oddly formatted and unreadable little box?

get a ground loop isolator
they sell USB ones or audio ones. either one works good.
should get rid of that easy peasy

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