Hello folks. I’m hoping there’s an easy fix for this. I’ve had an OP-14 Sub since Wednesday. I love it, though have only been able to piddle around for a couple of hours with it. This morning, I noticed that it has developed a hiss, quite significantly. It’s there over the top of the notes, rhythm when playing, just horrible. I noticed that the brand new batteries that I’d put in on Wednesday have run almost flat.

I’ve replaced the batts, which is a hardware reset as far as I can tell. Tried three different headphones. Changing the volume doesn’t affect it. Any suggestions?


Batteries could quickly die if you change the sync mode to slave, preventing the PO from turning off.

Removing the batteries has the same effect as a reset (although it won’t restore the factory presets). Is the problem affecting all patterns? You could obviously have that problem in case you recorded some distortion effect on the pattern. Other than that, I can only think of a HW fault in the amplifier/codec circuit.

Thanks for replying. I have performed Factory Reset as per the manual (Hold Pattern and Write down whilst inserting batteries) It didn’t resolve the noise. It is there from the second any of the operator buttons are depressed,and remains there even when they aren’t being used. It seems to be related to the output port only as it can’t be heard if the native speaker is used.

The unit has never been used as a slave so I don’t think that was the reason the batts drained. I only use Duracell high power batteries. I’m stumped, I think the unit has developed a fault, just disappointingly early in its history.

Did you resolve this problem?

I had the same issue when I bought it on a Friday. I was quite upset to be honest. By Monday it was gone though. I was still using the same batteries. I’ve popped them in and out a few times but to no avail. Then, without even noticing it at first, the hiss was gone.

There is some hiss on SY0 and SY4 modes if you have a plug in the the input connector. The PO will sense when the plug is removed and shut off the ADC. Maybe your input connector had a temporary malfunction and behaved like a plug was inserted.