Hold Sequencer

Will someone please help me understand its place? (why it was added, where it shines). Is it just so you can go between octaves, which you can’t do in Endless?


I haven’t played with it much, but I think its main use is sequencing chords.

i had a play with it earlier today. i think it shines as a drone thing.

one thing i had fun with:

  • use the blue knob to change the range to half/f4
  • change octave to -1
  • make sure your synth envelope has a decent amount of release
  • play a chord
  • change octave to +2
  • play melody/harmony

in the super booth interview with gaz from sonic state he says it’s really more a chord hold, and not really a sequencer.

Drones and a single chord hold with inversions built-in. Other than that unless they make it so that the range can be split into 3 so we can play notes below what is being held it’s not getting much use from me