Homemade wood hard case

My real description- So, I really like the paperfoam box, but it wasn’t going to last much longer if I kept taking it to school. So I decided to reinforce it with some birch plywood, beechwood and pine to create a hard shell. With the rubber bands, it kind of reminds me of a bento box. Anyway, all it took was a handsaw, a square, some glue and about 15 euros worth of wood. I’m a bit happy with the results,and I ‘upcycled’ all of the original packaging into this project! Total cost: about 17 euros.

sick! i sealed my original paperfoam case with epoxy and laquer then coated it with strips of veneer. it still fell apart(maybe 1 year later) this looks like a much better design! i hope it lasts!

p e r f e c t

BriIliant! Great way of upcycling and repurposing TE’s sweet package design. Maybe I’ll make a stay-at-home case for mine as well.

@kites This thing is light enough to use as a take along case as well. I used some model airplane plywood for the top and bottom surfaces and laminated the sides with birch and pine, so pretty strong and light.

Nice, I’d use it as a road case too, but I already have the official Units Portables TE case. I guess the gray one is a rare find now, good thing I picked it up when I did. :slight_smile:

I like this. I really like the Pendeo wooden case, but their website says that its sold out. As far as I can tell there’s no plan to make more. I like the monolith adaptor doo-dad too, Wish they would at the very least, update their website to tell those of us coveting this fine looking case whether we will ever be able to purchase one or not!
In the meantime, thinking i might undertake something like youve done here. Eighty bucks seems a bit steep for the canvas bag that TE sells.

I could make those Pendeo cases if people want them. I’d use nicer wood, though.

That would be pretty amazing xbted if you can make a version of the Pendeo case… For half the price! Do you have access to a CNC router?

Don’t let the Pendeo guys hear ya though, they’re members here too, shhh… Haha

I don’t have a CNC, but I do have a woodshop! So it would be a bit more handcrafted so to say. Alas, the Pendeo guys don’t have much to fear; I’m a teacher, so I can barely find the time to even play with my OP1.

Wow, great job @xbted! I wish I had the tools to work wood as well…

Maybe I should try to build a nice case and see what people think, perhaps there’s still a market for nice wood boxes. I was kidding about the Pendeo box though and using nicer wood- teak is pretty darn nice but also endangered in the wild, so I’d have to use something more sustainable. I could always craft the box out of pine or oak, and then cover it with a veneer.

Ahh please, no veneer! Haha, I wouldn’t mind oak as it is. I’ll post an example of some stands and a case from the space webs on your other thread, If I may.


Hey xtbed !

One cool feature would be to be able to plug jacks (at least headphones) while letting the OP-1 within the case, so that when you’re out you don’t have to leave the case aside.
In the same spirit, having the top that somehow glue the bottom while open would keep the OP-1 case as one piece.

I wouldn’t let a jack plugged while transporting the OP-1 though, too afraid it would break.

At least, some little place for mini-headphones, a USB cable and a mini-jack is very useful.

Solid and convenient is way better than pretty IMHO.

I’ll get some wood in the next few days to create a case for the POs, you’ve given me the virus :wink:

@LyingDalai Have fun with it! I was trying to think of a way to have the plugs available too, and I may just have a solution, but I’m going to have to try it out first.

Yep, I was also thinking on your brain waves. PM me for “Classified” info… ahah

@Kites I’ve been away for a couple days, I’ll send you a PM soon!

Brilliant work - very inspiring!