How can I control START and STOP with a foot controller on OP Z?

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently bought a midi foot controller ( Live Logic USB Midi Controller | Blackstar Amplification ) to control the OP Z.

I want to use the buttons to start, stop and change patterns. It’s ok to change pattern with the CC but there is no CC to command START or STOP !

Someone knows how to do?

Capture d’écran 2021-06-02 à 12.51.35

Thanks you!

start stop continue and clock are special MIDI messages
usually called realtime MIDI message

can your controller send those?

thanks for this quick reply!

I think it can’t… I don’t find anything about it in the manual

this is how i remap mod-wheel on my keyboard to play and stop.

you have to send hex FC(play), FA(stop) and trigger (send hex) at only the edges of your controller range.
same thing will work with foot controller.
and here is remapping for pattern change: