How can I record audio and have sync + at least one xlr in?

Any ideas? I was originally thinking a griffin studioconnect and some type of iconnectmidi type device to translate the midi protocol. Is there a midi i/o to micro usb that would be more cost or space efficient?

Thanks folks

The StudioConnect is for an iOS device and nothing to do with the OP-1.

If you have an iPad and want to connect it to the OP-1 then CCK, Powered hub + USB midi or audio-interface will work providing its all ‘class compliant’ - ie works without a dedicated driver needing to be installed.

Connect the audiocard/midi interface & the OP-1 to the powered USB hub and then connect the hub via the CCK to the iPad - it must be powered so no portable setup if you want them all talking to each other.

Then on the iPad get an app called MidiBridge to solve all your midi routing problems. For what its worth you can then plug other USB devices into the powered hub and they show up on the iPad too. My Microbrute works great this way and leaves the midi din connector free for other devices :slight_smile:

I’m currently using the cck to the OP-1 for midi and I also use the Tascam iZX deal for audio stuff but using the headphone in goes through the apple filters so it doesn’t sound so good. I was considering the Apogee One but then i’ll still have no sync from the OP.

Any thoughts other than wait for the StudioConnect HD to be released?

…using the headphone it TO the ipad is what i’m saying. The pro level audio cards use the lighting input.

just to clarify.

Thanks again all

I really wanted the Studioconnect HD, but it’s almost been a year since it was announced in NAMM…and nothing.

Ended up settling on the ITrack Dock rigged up with the og iConnectmidi.

you like itrack dock over the regular studio connect?

It’s totally different, the iTrack dock has more ins and outs.
This is my little review on Amazon:
Man vs. Machine - Results: Friends, September 16, 2014
By Kites - See all my reviews

This review is from: Focusrite iTrack Professional Dock for Recording on iPad (Electronics)
My rig with iTrack Dock and iPad Air:

Apps- Cubasis (DAW) + Audiobus+ Midibridge + Alchemey + iMini and other synth apps

-Teenage Engineering OP-1 synth ( also serves as keyboard controller)

  • Arturia Beatstep (midi sequencer)
  • Korg Volca Keys/ Beats
  • original iConnectmidi (USB MIDI interface which allows you to add a USB hub for additional USB controllers) you can also use a USB to MIDI converter cable

This is how I connect to the iTrack Dock:

OP-1 --> USB HUB —> iconnectmidi --> itrack dock USB

  • OP-1 headphone output --> 1/4" instrument input itrack dock USB (allows you to record Midi notes and Audio simultaneously through Cubasis App)
    +Beatstep sequencer --> USB HUB —> iconnectmidi --> itrack dock USB ( sequence synth apps and or OP-1)
  • Volca Beats/keys --> 5pin Midi —> iconnectmidi --> itrack dock USB
  • Volca Beats/keys Audio --> 1/4" input itrack dock USB

Sorry if that’s difficult to comprehend, but basically, if you combine the original iConnectmidi with the iTrack Dock it’s a powerful and malleable setup that allows you to step away from the mouse and keyboard.

Connecting things here and there may take time to learn, and it requires patience, but it’s fun once you’ve worked around the itrack dock to make it do what you want!

Plus it has two XLRs in with phantom power.

Thanks Kites! I can dig the signal flow with no problems (I been audio egr for 20+ years lol). You have a killer setup and it does everything I need. Now i’m debating on a copycat setup or waiting on the studioconnect hd. I wonder if the usb/midi will work as advertised. I want the xlr for my tracking lunchbox.

The two part system (ipad dock/iconnect) is clunkier on the road but I can see the added flexibility. If I add the iconnectmidi, I can use the ipad effects and animoog in my DAW on the macbook. That’s a lot of added power from a few small pieces. I still like the look and simplicity of the new HD studioconnect so i’m on the fence.

Bought some new gear and now having more GAS than ever. I need to work on tunes…sheesh!!!

Welcome! Are you familiar with this guy?

It’s got 5pin din midi and xlr and I would’ve popped on it, but the compatibility with the iPad Air at the time was inconclusive, and now it’s been confirmed with a little modding. But if the studio connect HD ever comes out, I’d be sure to snag one up - it’s getting harder to find it on the Griffin site. It might be just be vapor unfortunately :frowning:

Nice. I didn’t consider that one. If anything, I’d trade the xlrs for something that will work with the op-1 usb midi. I don’t wanna have the iconnect midi. I want airplane tray table footprint lol!!! Sweetwater got the old studioconnect for $39.00. It’s 30-pin but the adapter I can do.But without the usb midi I am gonna wait for something better..