How can i sync Blofeld with OP-1 ?

Hi all together,

how i can sync the Waldorf Blofeld with my Opee without using a Computer ?

Thanks for your hints


i did it with KENTON host usb midi worked great (untill i gave up on buggy Blof)

I use iCM4+ .
If you have lots of midi ,plus an iPad then it does a lot.

Hi thor,how ive to switch midikeyboard with Blofeld,opee and KENTON?

Is it possible to get a midikeyboard into this setup?

i didnt used a midikeybord in between kenton and OP1 as OP1 is excelent sequencer and i am not ERIK SATIE

but i think i is rather easy to do OP1 (USB ) to KENTON (USB) KENTON MIDI OUT to your prefered Keybord ( MIDI IN) AND KEYBORDS MIDI OUT TO BLOFELD MIDI IN

Your right,now ive to find a minimidikeyboard with Midi -in and -out

…i cant find a mini keyboard with midi in -and -out … Any ideas?

Or should i play the Blofeld only with the keys of OP1 because its easyer ? But i like to have dynamics on keys.
Some suggestion of an other forum ( was to put the Keyboard into the KENTON and via the KENTON Thru into OP1 and BLOFELD, each with an own plug
…but i cant find if the KENTON has Midi thru, there ist no thru-plug…

lol at these replies.