How can I sync opz + po33 without oplab?

are there any mods?

Try panning a rimshot hard left (or right, don’t remember) and everything else to the other side. Trs audio cable from OP-Z to PO, audio out from PO. Ricky Tinez did a tutorial on YT with a Novation Circuit and PO33.

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I made a video about it a while ago, hope this helps.


I tried this and it did not work

the “click” sound has got to be plenty loud in order to trigger properly
maybe try adjusting the gain all the way up for that sound/track?

u can even sample the pulse sound straight from the PO

I turned it up all the way like in the video, but when I planned to the left I couldn’t hear it anymore

If you got the right Sync mode selected on the PO you shouldn’t be able to hear the trigger sound anymore, that’s correct. If you hook up one PO to another you aren’t hearing it either. But maybe it isn’t loud enough to trigger the PO, that could happen.

I used S4, panned to the left, turned up gain all the way as the tutorial said, but it didn’t work. I’ve read recent comments on the video that people couldn’t get it to work too.

when I set the sync sound on the odd steps, am I using middle C as the note to set the sync sound?

I panned the snare and kick to the right when I experimented, but left other tracks with no pan because they weren’t being used. could that have made it not work?