How can I tell whether a preset (keys 1-8) has been modified?

I know I can check which preset I’m currently on (help key), and also that I can get back to the original version (shift + synth-engine-key), but how can I tell whether the stored preset has been modified since loading?

That’s import to know, since all changes are lost if I load a new preset onto that slot and don’t realize I modified the previous sound without storing.
I’d also like to avoid storing sounds that haven’t been changed just for safety.

Does anyone know?

Yeah, I been struggling with this… I don’t know if there is in fact any way to see this… As a result, I have been doubling up tonnes of presets, JUST IN CASE… Hopefully there is a way that I’m missing, but if not, please TE, to be fixing please.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an asterisk or pen icon after the preset name as a modification indicator?
(or some donkey that has eaten half of the name, or a juggling giraffe - I’m sure they’d come up with something fantastic :slight_smile:

I hit this all the time and often end up saving duplicates just to be safe. A juggling giraffe would be very helpful…

TE: Juggling giraffe please. We will only be satisfied with a juggling giraffe… In fact, forget the functionality, just get a giraffe <3

The giraffe should be juggling 4 balls corresponding to the knob colours :slight_smile: