How do I access imported samples?

Hi Gang. I’ve copied some 1 cycle samples to my OP-1 but I don’t know how access them from the synth engine. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial? Thanks.

Go to synth (blue) and then choose a sampler engine in synth-slot-1 (or 1 of the other 7)

Now you press SHIFT + 1-8 Preset buttons and whalla, there is the folder with your sounds

I had the same question a while ago>> :

RSB thanks for your replies. When I follow your process, I don’t see my samples. Just to confirm:

  1. Select synth mode
  2. Press Shift + Preset 1 & select Sampler
  3. Press Shift + Preset 1-8 to see my samples (or maybe sample folders?)

On step 3 I get the synth presets not samples, or folders so I’m lost. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Ok. Figured it out. Here’s what I did:

  1. Select synth mode
  2. Press Shift + Preset (1-8) and scroll all the way down to the bottom of engine list using the blue knob and select USER. (You should see the list of your uploaded samples in the green list.)
  3. Select your sample using the green knob.

There you go.

@ahonoe glad you got it sorted. Curious how you find using single cycle Waveforms inside OP? Worthwhile? I use them sometimes in my Octatrack, but that can autoloop a sample regardless of length. Wondering how much ballache it is to set loop points etc for single cycle Waveforms in OP where each sample is initially handled as default 6 secs?

The release phase doesn’t loop either sadly, have been asking for this for years…