How do I Convert a DAW file that's a WAV or MP3 to AIFF Audio File and Import as a Tape Track into OP-1?

I’m stuck on this one.
Transferred OP-1 individual tracks into a PC using DAW “Cakewalk”. Mixed them down into one WAV and converted to AIFF format sound file and then re-named it as track_1 and then imported back into OP-1 as a Tape track. Didn’t work, no file shown.

I see OP-1 uses “AIFF audio files” as format not “AIFF format sound file”. How do I convert files to something OP-1 accepts? Will I need a Mac?
There’s gotta be a way to import a mixed DAW track into a file OP-1 can read as a Tape Track, right?

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I did this but I used logic on a mac. They also had to be mono if that helps.

Was it the same format? AIFF-C/44.1khz/16bit/mono/sowt (not compressed PCM, little endian).

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I’m pretty sure it was 16 and 44.1 and aif. That’s all I remember other than having to pan into two tracks as it was a stereo track. I also think I had to make sure it was a mono track. I am not sure of the difference between aiff audio and aiff format sound file tho. I think I just selected whatever the aiff option is on logic.

It’s definitely do able.

OG OP-1 Tape tracks are 6 minutes long, need to be AIFF 44.1KHz 16-bit mono and named with “.aif” extension.

When you copied to your OP-1, did you see any white small type (errors or success) on the screen when you left disk mode?

One way you can be approach it is to take a tape track file from your OP-1, import into your audio editor (e.g., Audacity), silence audio in the file and then copy/paste your audio in…export/save as listed above.