How do I export patterns, and change the destination on random LFO?

Is it possible to export any patterns from any of the sequencers (endless, etc.?)? Or import them?

How do I change the destination of the random LFO? It seems to be set to all, but the four knobs control everything else but that setting. Shift has no effect either.


There is no way to export the patterns. I think there is no way to set the random LFO destination either (not sure about that).

i think u are right punji about random LFO.

to export patterns, u could record/save the midi sequences in your DAW or whatever you use.

I thought about export to DAW not long after posting this. Shame about not being to store sequencer patterns 8(

I’ve got a keyboard with sequencer.Akai MiniAk.It records live well but isn’t good to edit.Its a quick way to memorise OP1 sequencers ,but can’t load them back,just replay them.

Random LFO hits all 4 destinations at once.

I was hoping to hit the tone with random, not everything