How do I get Cwo OS update?

I’m a newbie.i havnt recieved my OP yet but was looking on the TE web site and their OS update is their latest ,which doesn’t mention Cwo.
Does anyone know if it’ll already be installed (the Cwo update)on my new box or ,if not,how do I get it?Also is it audio or USB input?

Any help will be appreciated,thanks guys&gals.

i received my op1 1.5 weeks ago. i updated to this firmware and cwo was included. i think it originally came in an earlier update which is why it’s not noted as being a part of the newest firmware.

Thanks a lot drybones.

If you are looking for older firmware updates, has them.

Thanks for that Dimi3,it looks like a good resource.i guess I’ll just try the latest update first and hope that includes it.
I want to congratulate you on this site as it seems the most immediate and friendly interfaces of the bunch(OP related) and is actually my first forum I’ve ever signed up to.I don’t use social media at all-complete philistine-no face book etc but enjoying this collective and again the lay out seems to work.good stuff,I guess your quite busy reading all the msg’s and I did notice you’ve actually had to ban some members(I’ll not to let that happen).I was wondering what the activity box is for in the profiles?

It does include it, you don’t need to hope @Speric_El