How do I map encoders in CTRL mode to Ableton's parameters?

So I have the “official” OP-1 script for Ableton. In Link / Midi section of Ableton, I have Track & Sync on for OP-1 input & output and Remote is also on for the input. Now how am I supposed to map the encoders to the params of my choosing?

There are four sections on the OP-1 screen. Mix, U 01, U 02, U 03. Encoders in the Mix section are already mapped to some other stuff. I was thinking that I can map U 01-03 to whatever I like, but when I open key mappings in Ableton (Cmd + K), U 01 on OP-1 and click on a param and twist the knob, nothing happens, even though I see that the OP-1 sends some data to Ableton.

I’m using Live 9.7.5 and I guess the newest version of the script.

CMD + M fool :stuck_out_tongue: