How do I remove a loop?

Hi all, noob here.

I’m messing around with creating a live loop. I hit shift + in when I want to loop to start and shift + out where I want it to end. I can adjust the length with the green knob. All good there.

But how do I actually remove the loop altogether?

What does Shift + in/out do? It does nothing for me.

In answer to your question, just press the Loop button (button 3) and the loop is deactivated. The green bar goes away.

The tape recorder only loops when the play head is between the In and Out points.

When you press stop twice, the tape recorder skips back to the start of the loop section, regardless of position on the tape.

If the In and Out points are on top of each other, there is technically no loop segment.

If you’re not playing live, press stop twice, then press Out. You’ll still have your In point wherever that is, if you want to keep it for reference.

If you’re playing live, press Preset 3 (the green loop) button to toggle that section to be looped (if the playhead enters the section).

Cool thanks.

I guess I was confused as even with the loop deactivated hitting stop twice would still bring me back to the start of the loop. I guess that’s ok though - just part of the process.

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