How do i Utilize WIRELESS DMX Lights?

Hey Friends!
I have the chance to get a great deal on a DJ light that has built in wireless DMX512 controls. I’ve wanted to mess with OPZ dmx sequencing for awhile but i have zero exp with dj lights.

What does it take to get the OPZ to talk to wireless DMX lights? As far as i know this light only has wireless DMX and no traditional ports or jacks.
My initial searches for “usb wireless dmx” turned up very little on the online shops.

my thinking is that there is some device that has usb input and wireless dmx output. I should be able to plug this into the opz?

any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

i don’t know much either but i use the enttec usb dmx pro which i think is what TE suggests. that basically gets the dmx out of your op-z and if you were using wired dmx lights you would just hook them straight into that interface. but for wireless i then route my enttec to the astera wireless transmitter but that’s because i’m using astera lights. so the missing link then which i don’t know about would be the wireless box which transmits to whatever your light is…

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Probably the safest way would be to get the recommended enttec usb controller and hook it up to a wireless dmx transmitter, like this one:

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Thanks for the help!
I noticed the enttec pro is almost 3x as much as the basic version… does the basic version work with the OPZ? As far as i can tell it should work

i ended up getting the light and it turns out it does have 3 pin dmx input, my friend was just mistaken. The port is hidden under the light near the mount :laughing:

so i should be able to just run it with the enttec!

i got the pro version because that’s what TE promised works. i didn’t try the basic version