How do you actually make drumkits for the OP-1

I have been downloading drum kits from but I would like to put together my own but I can’t see how you actually create the file for them. The only way I can think of is building one up in audacity and then sampling it from the line in. Is there a better way to be doing this? Please note I am running linux and would prefer not to install random untrusted programs.

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In, click Patches | New Patch | Drum Patch Builder. Or go directly to

Then Load Samples, attach them to the appropriate keys, Save and download to your OP1.


Hey, the OP1 Drum Utility by Xfer is the best way to create drum kits for the OP1 that I have seen. It’s free, trustworthy and super convenient. Here’s a link:

I’m not sure if its offered for Linux, however. With that said, you don’t need anything special to make a drum kit for the OP1. If you have a DAW, you can just drop your drum samples into an arrangement how you want them arranged in the keyboard of the OP1 and export a singular Aiff file to be transferred to the OP1. That is essentially what the Drum Utility does. Just make sure your final Aiff file is not longer than 12 seconds, which is the maximum sample time in the drum section of the OP1.

I hope that helps!

easiest way to create a Drumkit, is to record drums (or any sound) onto Tape, then lift and drop into Drum. no DAW or utility required.

the Utility mentioned above is nice, in that it distributes your sounds across the keyboard, rather than having to manually slice it.

You can also check out Cuckoo’s YouTube tutorial from way back:

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oh yeah, that cuckoo drum kit tut is a good one.

i can see how to use that basic principle when sampling from records and collect individual drum sounds on the tape rather than just having to sample one continuous drum section from a record.

wait a minute…cuckoo just did a copy and pasted of an individual drum kit sound in back into an individual drum kit slot when he did the reverse feature. i didn’t know you could do that.

whats the best way to do it on OP-1 field? do the recommendations on this thread still apply?

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