How do you connect your op-1 to the iPad Pro 2018 (with usb-c)?

The iPad Pro 2018 is an insane device. So well build, so powerful, so fun to use… but everyday I find new reasons to roll my eyes on the “Pro” part– iOS is often very limited.

Anyhow: How do you connect your op-1 to the usb-c ipad Pros? Because I cannot get it to work with what I have so far:

My 3,5mm audio cable:

My USB-C Dongle:

My official 1st party USB-C to headphone jack adapter:‑c-auf-35‑mm-kopfhörer­anschluss-adapter

  • Audio cable in white output of OP-1 to the headphone jack from the USB-C-Dongle to the iPad via USB-C – no audio is coming in;
  • Audio cable in white output of OP-1 to the official apple usb-c to headphone jack adapter to the iPad via USB-C – no audio is coming in aswell;

But… even if audio would come into the iPad, I had no way of monitoring the sound, since both solutions have only one 3,5mm klinke input and once my the dongle or the adapter is connected, iOS does not let me choose the iPad speakers as an output. Sure, I could output to my Apple TV, or to Bluetooth headphones… but… yeah–

So I guess I need either a USB-C to Mic input AND headphone output, or an 3,5mm klinke splitter.

Something like this is just ugly and more stuff dangling around:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=audio+splitter&qid=1563179227&s=gateway&smid=A28PMDXZ0EPKRV&sr=8-3

So I’m thinking to go USB-C to dual 3.5, but would still have the cables…
until I saw this:

This looks very user friendly! Unfortunately I can only find this connector design combining USB-C and one 3.5… But I want them splitted! Please share if you know a connector thats shaped like this and has splitted 3.5klinke :slight_smile:

Wow, way too long of a story–
Still curious how you would connect to the iPad Pro with usb-c

USB-C to USB-C cable.

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I don’t follow :smiley: – you connect your op-1 with USB-C to USB-C?!

I was thinking of the OP-Z !

For OP-1 you need a USB-C to mini USB cable. Or just use a USB-C hub for the ipad, and the cable that came with the OP-1.

Well, of course I have done that. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough in my original post.

I want to get audio from the op-1 into the iPad, which is not possible over USB, since the op-1 is not an audio interface.

Ah ha! Now I feel like a real dummy.

I use a USC audio interface. A mixer is good, but anything will do as long as it has a way to monitor the audio. Like, a USB mixer with a headphone jack.

Going the other way is easier. Apple’s own USB-C -3.5mm dongle works for sending audio from ipad to op-1.

There’s a new IPad OS in development now that should be ready for fall and really make the pro a pro device. I read from a beta user on elektronauts that you can even mount the Octatrack and manage its files this way. So I think in a couple months you’ll be able to drag tape tracks and bounces to your iPad.

^ i really hope this is true. like shoulda happened 10 years ago

Yeah, I’m familiar with the iOS 13; a friend of mine runs the public beta on his iPad Pro 2017. You can use regular external hard drives etc.; so I also figure you can use the op-1s mass storage feature to put files on it. But I doubt they have added a way to choose the audio output

So, how do you guys connect to your iPad Pros? :wink:

About halfway down the page there is a section about files. It mentions external drives and shows an image of a thumb drive in an iPad. Sounds pretty legit.

I haven’t connected my op1 to my iPad Pro yet, but do look forward to file transfers in the fall. I don’t think the op1 has the technology to stream audio over usb like the much newer OP-Z does.

Nobody doubted the file capiblities of iOS 13 :smiley:
And I know that the OP-1 cannot send audio over USB, which is why I am curious how the rest of you does it :D:D

so is it only for iPads? Pros? or is it for all iDevices??
edit: ah looks like all? too bad my phone just misses the cut :frowning:

@katerlouis the easiest way is to get a usb audio interface for your iPad
to pipe audio in and out

sorry if this is stating the obvious but to do audio from op1 to an ipad of any type it’s via an audio interface - like or i use an iRig HD2 - - monitoring is easy - it travels easily - appropriate cable out from audio out of op1 and into whatever your interface is -
From there most recording software on the iPad from simple stuff like looperverse to multitrack Auria will recognise the interface for your playback or live stuff.

Or is this not the issue?



Are you using the current Ipad Pro that uses USB-C instead of Lightning?

I tried hooking the OP-1 to a Current Model iPad Pro as you suggested to an iRIG HD2 and I wasn’t successful.

Thanks for your input