How do you guys record your OPZ tracks into your DAW?

I’m currently trying to record a track i made on the OP-Z in ableton for further processing and to post. But i always seem to have weird issues when trying to go about it. I have my OPZ plugged into the channel 1 and 2 on my mixer via a 1/8’’ → 2 mono 1/4’’ adaptor. I’m trying to record the track by soloing a track at a time and recording it into separate tracks in ableton, but the issue i am having now is that the tracks keep recording out sync with each other and sometimes the sound drops out in the recording as well (phase issues?). Any help on this matter is genuinely appreciated :slight_smile:

Use the usb connection for the best quality audio, and record a single blank bar, on one with 4 quarter notes (like a metronome) before the actual song starts. This will help you line up the recordings later.


Thanks for the tip!

Most times i make a pattern chain like pattern one drums solo, pattern two bass solo,pattern 3 samples…
Then i record the complete chain into one track over usb.
place the first kick, then cut and drag to your other tracks with snap on. Even if your first kick is not perfect everything else is not perfect the same way… and everything is in sync…

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Has anyone tried to get transport sync via Midi with Ableton?

I’ve just recorded once and used a “sync by hand” approach that miraculously worked, but just thinking that syncing transport is the way to go here, right? Is this possible?

If by transport sync via midi u’re referring to having the recording automatically start the OPZ at the same time so u dont have to have perfect timing than yes! You go to preferences-> midi-> than turn on sync for OP-Z output. Should work but Let me know if u have any issues.


So the way your going about it is def the least best solution. I would hella not recommend using a 1/8 to 1/4 mono and importing it like its an instrument. Most likely your interface 1/4 mono jacks are for instrument level and not line level and this will create all sorts of bad sounds.

As others have said, turn on opz. Plug into comp. go into ableton preferences, select opz 2in/2out as the INPUT and pick whatever your interface as an output. Now select an audio track, turn on live monitoring so you can hear, select the opz as sound source. Now when you play from the opz it should record straight into ableton in a high quality digital form. Now you should be able to do your track muting. and like Mistercharlie said, use a blank quarter note bar to allow you to sync later.


I’ll add turning off usb charging during recording to keep buzzing low. Screen + the far right white key. Leds turn yellow if usb is plugged in. Toggle charging back on once complete.


Quick tip for those simply recording the loops from the Z into a DAW with no syncing: To line up a track with nothing on the first beat, put a quick short note on the first beat, then after hitting “play” on the OP delete it quickly, then you know exactly where the sequence starts,
. Later in the DAW you can silence that first snare after you use it to line things up.