How do you rate your music?

pretty simple question, also pretty daft.

but, let’s just say, putting the one song/track you are most proud of (maybe in terms of technicality, production)…

where do you rate yourself next to the music you love/respect?

have you made a collection of songs/album that you think, fck me, this is up with the stuff I love? probably not, and rightly so…but you play your own music, and probably hear your own music more than anyone else will, so it’s gotta be right for your own ears.

the music I really like is late '80s New York house music.

I’d rate my music as 1/10…just terrible. it’s taken me 30 years to get where others got two months after buying an 808 and a dx100. and these aren’t even songs, just tracks for djs to work with.

I had a 606 and an 303 in 1987. I could have been a household name, a pioneer of acid. but nah…I did nothing with it.

that being said, I’m a great dj.

this is my most accomplished track…


Sounds bloody.ace!! Good things are worth waiting for:)

my newie…