how do you record your P.O. performances?


like, what do you use? I guess you just need the one input, because they’re chained, but there might be other options. I’m hoping so



This is how I did it today. I split the clock and the audio so it doesn't get so garbled in the chain. Only mono though, so that's the drawback. That's why I ran the sub in stereo. Guess I could get stereo Y cables and that would fix it.


Zoom Q2N but then again I’m only recording the po-32.


Yamaga AG06, can be powered from USB, channel 1 and 2 have fixed insert FX, works as an audio interface on iOS too. A bit chunky though


Clock is very tight : there’s not always need for chaining :slight_smile:


I often use an iRig 2 to capture a line input to record with my iPhone. Paired with Video Pro for iOS you can monitor the audio being recorded on your device. Alternatively you can listen via the iRig amplifier output without Video Pro.

Here is an example video made with only my pocket devices and the iRig, no mixer or powered amplifier.

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If I’m not using Ableton Live, I also enjoy using my cheap and portable Tascam DP-006 for on the go, computer-free recordings.


I use 3.5mm to 2 XLR leads from each PO to 2 mono channels each on the X32 desk and 2 pok3to Sync Splitters for my Sync to each PO from a Korg Vocla FM for my Sync control