How do you turn these things off?

I know it says they “Auto Off” but it’s been on for an hour without touching it…still on…

The displays graphics will still be visible, but the LEDs on the pads should go out. If not, you may have sync cable in preventing the auto off.

Indeed, I have an inverse doubt: how do I turn them ON after the “Auto Off”?!? I press the pads but nothing happens!

Play button doesn’t work @aeoner?

@Kites No :frowning: Nothing works, only removing the batteries. It´s worth to note that if a remove the batteries and start again the erased/saved patterns stay erased/saved. Any ideas?

@aeoner I had your issue with my Sub and I just dumped the batteries and replaced it with new ones. The POs are generally finicky in regards to power, in my experience. Often, I’ll fuss with the battery contacts, rotate the batteries, or squeeze the clips inward till it behaves.

^ If the cleaning/bending tip above does not work and returning the PO-12 to Colette is not an option for you, try briefly shorting the RESET and GND expose pads at the back with a paper clip (refer to for details). This should put it in the same condition as when replacing the batteries.