How do you zoom on the Tape?

Sorry if this is a nOOb question, but how do you zoom? I realise the Loop adjusts the viewport but it only zooms in to a certain level. How do I zoom deeper? I’d like to make micro edits. Is this possible?


If you set your loop ‘in’ and ‘out’ points close together it will zoom into your tape. There isn’t a real dedicated ‘zoom’ function.

not at the op1 atm. lol. i think unlinking the tape from the clock on the metronome screen(green knob) sets the zoom much finer. not 100% will experiment later.

I guess I must be as zoomed in as far as I can go. Would be great to go in closer for some smaller edits. Would be super nice if 1/8th & 1/16th grids started to appear.

Can always dream :slight_smile: