How does latch work?

Since the new firmware i understand you can hold shift while pressing a note to latch it. But when i do that i automatically use the punch in fx. Any ideas how latch works?
I really want to do slides with the op-z.


First press the notes, then press shift, release the notes and finally release shift.

take care

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Thanks for the help!

Sorry, i still don’t get it. Let’s say i want to slide from g on step 1 to c on step 2. What do i have to do?

Use portamento? Or a shift step component?

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Oh, so there’s no real slide option. Thanks for clearing that up!

No there are multiple ways for slide glide or portamento. Choose one! :slight_smile:

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does nt work for me

you have to set this option within the general.json document

oh shit i kinda of know but don’t ha ha thanks

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