How long do you think your ob-4 will live?

Hello ob-4 owners! I was thinking about buying home speakers and of course ob-4 seems a very interesting option. The price of this thing suggests the durability of this device. How long do you think your ob-4 will live (we are talking about home use)?

I am using it for more than two years and I expect to use it for the next 40 years.

That would be cool! But we can say that the battery will not live for 40 years. Will we be able to replace it? And also my personal observation about bluetooth speakers, there is often a background noise after a year of use. I had two iloud, a rather expensive speaker, and both started humming after a couple of years.

Well it has a power cord. So when the batt dies. And there is no replacement batterie. Which seems very unlikely. You can use it for another 40 years :slight_smile:

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My ob-4 has a background noise (which another user has also mention on this board). The battery is also not giving out nowhere near to listed performance. And the top panel is warping (although I’ve yet to read about this happening to anyone else). Bloody brilliant device though.