How long does Siedler Service Centre take to provide updates?

Hi! I had a OP-1 (borrowed from a friend) which had the dreaded can't find tape.db error and was refusing to update etc. After speaking to TE customer support, I sent it to Siedler Service Centre who confirmed on the 8th of November that they’d received it.

Ever since that however, I’ve gotten no updates, even after a couple of emails asking for a estimated timeline on when I can expect some. Does anyone know how long they take when it comes to things like this? Should I speak to TE customer service again? I’m a little concerned :frowning:

I have used them a lot with my op-z and op-1’s. Their customer service is extremely bad, I’m afraid. Response times are ridiculous.

But they get the job done. Just takes a long time, and no updates. :frowning:

I really hope TE will find a new European repair.

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Same here, I’m waiting for my OP-1 since the end of October.
I got an answer at some point telling me they were having trouble to get the replacement parts…