How long does your battery last?

My new OP1 isn’t charging all its lights and lasts about 6 or 7 hours (as opposed to 16 in the manual.)
Was wondering is this anything to worry about? Is my battery unusual ?
Any advice from you experts would be greatly appreciated.

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charge it with a Mac, or do a factory reset. or let it drain completely and recharge it, that might unfuck the battery meter, too.

The OP-1 is stupidly sensitive to what charges it, and as far as I know the only thing that won’t fuck the battery meter is a Mac’s USB port -_- My iPhone charger fucks it, my Surface Pro 3 fucks it, even my god-damned Oplab fucks it and that’s made by TE.

Yes, I am very bitter about this >.>

I still get well over 10 hours out of my OP-1, though, the last LED lasts for ages when this happens to me (8+ hours)
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Thanks for the advice @KrisM ,that’s awesome.
I’ve been offline for awhile,but just got it.

my op-1 has the same issue

i email te and te tell me that battery meter not right
the battery can use 16 hours with out use it
just let op-1 screen light up and do nothing that can last for 16 hours
so i think op1 battery is fine
but battery meter is not good
and use mac usb to charge it
when i use iPhone charge its not work right anyway @Spheric_EI

my battery meter will sit on the last dot for 4-6 (approx) hours sometimes. the battery life is so long that i rarely ever check the meter.

i tried to drain the battery one time (wasn't 100% full), by leaving the tape playing overnight. 10+ hours later, when I woke up and checked it, it was still going.

I took @KrisM’s advice and stick to a Mac USB with its 5v half Amp output.Charges can have higher amps.
Also TE told me how to reset meter…
Drain battery by leaving on.
Don’t change power switch-leave it in the “On” position.
Plug in USB and charge for 4-6 hours.

El The front ports on many PCs don’t supply power as well as the rear ports do. Maybe that isn’t the case any more, but I can imagine cheap motherboards still having a problem with it. I’m wary of draining lithium batteries entirely because they can be hard to prime after.

@docshermsticks Yeah! I haven’t tried playing the tape overnight, but I do get an insane amount of time on that last dot.

My battery just drained itself by mistake (in a cafe) last week.
Do you think this is bad for the OP battery or would it have some software protection from total drainage @anomalous ?

@Spheric_El it’s probably not a problem. The unit will need a certain minimum charge to stay on, so when it dies it won’t really be completely drained. I am not sure how long that would take, but for most things you would need to let it die, then fail to charge it for a while (days, weeks or longer, not sure.) I don’t have a source on this so I don’t really know what the deal is exactly, but I have experienced problems charging long-dead LiON batteries a number of times.

The biggest killer of these batteries in my experience is heat. Try to keep them at a reasonable temperature. If they’re too cold, they won’t perform well and might degrade. If they’re too hot they will just die. “Too hot” seems to be roughly “too hot to touch comfortably” so I doubt there’s much risk of the OP-1’s battery getting fried like that.

Thanks a lot @anomalous .Reassuring.