How many different kits can PO-33 hold at once?

Can the PO-33 sampler hold 16 kits and quickly switch back and forth? Or just 1 or 2 kits at a time?

The PO-33 supports 8 kits of 16 samples each.

It’s easy enough to switch between the different kits when you are programming a beat, or playing the buttons.

Once a beat has been sequenced, the individual steps are locked to that kit. If you wanted to swap the sequence to use a different kit you would either have to erase and reprogram the steps, or overwrite the sample bank with a new kit.


As Duncmc stated, there are 8 drum kits on the KO, and each can hold 16 samples. However, in my experience, the limitation in terms of sample time rarely allow all the drum kits to be fully occupied. You can delete stock sounds to increase sample time, but you will still likely run out of sample time before you fill all the kits.


they really should have added the HI/LO sample rate option that the speak has to increase sample time at the cost of fidelity imho