How many samples? (Synth)

This must be a dumb question since no one is asking it, but how many of the 6 second synth samples can be loaded on the OP-1?

One per keyboard key? Less? Can you have sets of sounds? Like the menu, you choose your engine - sampler can you then choose a bank of samples? (Seems unlikely with the OP-1s limited memory )

I just can’t find this in the manual…

The Synth sampler is not a multisampling engine. It’s one sample (up to 6 seconds), trimmed to the same region, tuned across the keyboard.

The Drum sampler is also only one sample. But here, each key holds its own set of start/end points. So each key looks at a different chop from the entire (up to 12 second) sample. No actual sample data is stored associated with specific keys; e.g. if you “lift” a key (a kick, for instance) from one drum program, and try to “drop” it into another drum program, the sample (the kick, for instance) will not be transferred, only the time positions of the start/end points. (which almost certainly won’t line up with a drum hit on the second program)

Thanks kris I had read those posts but it didn’t actually answer my question.

Beefinator, thanks, I guess that’s why there aren’t instructions on it! I knew how drum sampler worked, there’s much more info on that.

I’m travelling soon and can only take the op-1 and ipad. so I guess I’ll sample a few things on the iPad, and then the op-1 can sample them as needed for songs…