How often are ob-4 firmware updates?

I use mine almost exclusively with my macbook so I never use the orthoplay app. Where does it announce when there’s a new firmware update? I don’t know that I’ve updated mine. I’m on 1.4.11.

I believe that’s the last/most recent update. Seem to be sleeping on the ob-4.

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On the Orthoplay app you can make the updates. You can see it on top of the image on it as well

Indeed, the latest one seems to be the 1.4.11

I just wondered if TE announced firmware updates anywhere else because again I just don’t use the app at all.

I don’t think they do. I think you need the app to update the OB-4. At least, that’s how I’ve always done it.

unless it’s a big feature update, they don’t usually announce a firmware update. so if something important happens, you’ll hear about it!

I just started getting the bootloader message unprompted but I have the latest update installed already. I can’t get it to stop
Doing it. Anyone else?