How risky is custom firmware on the OP-1?

Custom firmware always comes with a warning that it could brick your device but in my experience most devices have a read only firmware loader which can always be used to restore a device that has broken firmware. Does anyone know what the situation with the OP-1 is? Is it possible to restore your device after flashing broken firmware?

define “broken”? the firmware you see around here unlocks a couple of database entries and replaces a bunch of assets. i don’t think it modifies any code…

Broken meaning unable to install the stock firmware back on it. I saw some interesting tweaks like putting the tape on the top of the screen which would be quite handy

Custom firmware runs perfectly, it is nothing more than some Edited SVG\s for the graphics and some databases edited in order to enable the hidden filter and iter synth. + set the default parameters of the FX to minimum so you can introduce them gradually when you are performing live.
I love also that now I can see the tape tracks when the op-1 is laying flat on a table
But… yeah… Install it at your own risk.

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I have a first generation op-1 and the firmware wasn’t very stable for me. I would get crashes with error messages about synth or fx value’s being to high. For my op-1 the stable combo was unlocking the filter fx, and putting the tape on the top. I switched back to tape on bottom, because it was bugging me that the “tape heads” were not running over the “tape”.

I have not heard of anybody bricking a device with a custom firmware. but I wouldn’t try anything stupid like rapidly switching the power while unplugging the usb cable in the middle of a firmware update. The disclaimer is there in case it breaks your op-1 or you do something stupid while installing it. it’s your responsibility to deal with not the people that made the firmware tools. aka at your own risk.

Have fun!

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