How to convert pocket operators to mains power?

I have scoured the internet and have seen that some people have done it but there are no detailed instructions that i can find.

I have a Behringer Micromix MX400 and I would like to hook that up to 4 PO’s and house them all in something, about the size of a small keyboard, all running off a single mains power input.

I cannot find any information on how I would go about this, can anyone point me in the right direction I don’t want to fry 4 PO’s if i can avoid it.

The MX400 uses a plug which says it has a 12v 150mA output, the PO uses 2 x 1.5v AAA batteries so 3v each which would be a total of 12v is there something i can do to split off from the existing plug I have and power the lot or will I need to get new power supply?

Maybe this thread would help?

We’re (ThinkMakeRepeat) & (JNFX Pedals) are working on a batch of new power supply kits for the Pocket Operators series. They come with a cable for 3, but a kit of 4 with chain-able plugs is definitely possible.

You plug a USB micro cable into one end and the other end has a 2.1mm power jack. The POs get a solder and glue on connector with another 2.1mm jack to plug into the USB power supply.
Here’s a link to JNFX’s kit on to check out, it’s out of stock but we’re working on a new batch now…
We’ll be fulfilling from Los Angeles now, so the shipping cost should be much cheaper going forward.
Also, for larger strings of POs we’re working on a tiny version of the kit that uses a micro-jst connector instead of the 2.1mm jack on the PO side.