How to create a track alternative?

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You have, for exemple, a melody sequence running on the chord track. Sometime in your pattern, you want an alternate version of the melody to replace the actual one. Is it possible ?
I’ve seen you can do chord progression with the master track. But if the melody is different ?

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You could switch to a new pattern. Or you could double the length of the chord track, put the first version in the first half of the sequence, and the second half after.

Then use jump step components to decide which to play.

What switch to a new pattern would solve ?
If you, witch step components, alternate the sequence to somehow do that, how do you trigger it in your pattern ?

There is something I miss :smiley:

If you have a specific song idea that is not realizable with one pattern using step components and the master track, you can simply “hard program” everything into different patterns in one project and chain them.

It is also possible to trigger the step components each 2nd, 3rd, 4th cycle of a one pattern sequence. Check out the spark step components on the far right. Very useful to bring in some variation.

Personally, I am using the OP-Z for inspiriation. For instance, I start with a simple harmonic pattern and see where the step components and the chord progressions on the master track do take me. Very nice!

But even if you “hard program” in your patterns, patterns still refers to actuals tracks, muted or not ? How do you create an alternate melody / sequence then ? You still needs to use 2 different tracks with the same settings, and mute one or the other to make an alternative melody ?

Ooooooooh I just understood ! :smiley:
Different patterns actually stores different tracks. Sooo you have x patterns storing 8 tracks each, which make this thing sooo versatile.

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Hm, what I mean is this for instance:
On the bass track you have sequence A in pattern 1 and sequence A in pattern 2.
On the melody track you have sequence B in pattern 1 and sequence C in pattern 2.
If you play pattern 1 the bass track will play sequence A and the melody track will play sequence B.
If you play pattern 2, the bass track will still play sequence A but the melody track will play sequence C.

Yes, exactly!

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