How to Create presets to use in drum box?

Hey, can anybody explain how one would go about creating a ‘sample pack’ (like that of factory presets) but of drum sounds to then alter in the drum box (dbox) section of OP-1 field? same for synth engines for future reference?

Also, I find my op 1 F does not connect via bluetooth to my Macbook Pro, does anybody have a solution to this? It will not show up in my bluetooth settings when I broadcast


one way is to create them in the device
and save them as snapshots for later

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Recently, I plugged in the op1f in my audio interface, launched a recording track in Logic Pro (as a mono file) and started tweaking the Drum Engine.
I ended up with some great sounds……and a lot of rejects.
But it was fun. And when I’ll get the chance to audition and select the best portions, I know I’ll have some great starting points for organic drums

As for your question about making custom Sample Packs.

@docshermsticks is 100% right. Start with an empty preset and go on from there. Save as a snapshot, rename it and maybe save it to your computer later. That should yield you a custom preset pack of sorts

I mean, i know i can start on a blank preset, i meant more of like making a ‘factory preset’ to begin with; for example, i go into the drum engine, select d box and it has a list of with ‘blank presets’ i can use to then tweak using the dbox parameters; i am looking for a way to tweak a sample i can upload perhaps? using the dbox parameters as if it was a factory preset in a factory drum pack in the dbox engine

I mean more to making a ‘factory preset’ to begin with that i can upload perhaps to alter in the drum box as if it was a factory drum pack; i know how snapshots work but was looking to alter a sample using dbox parameters using my own sample

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Now, I think I get a clearer picture of what tou want to do.

And afaik, I don’t think this is possible. Since Drum Engine is only, really, a synthesis engine, I don’t think you can use its matrix and its engines to tweak any kind of sample.

But I may be in the wrong.
I’d try asking TE about this too. Might give them some ideas.