How to create spacy reverb?

I’ve been trying to create a nice ambient reverb with a long tail. I can’t seem to get anything that sounds very good with Spring (not very long) Delay (seems good for echos only) and Grid (just weird). Anyone have any hints?

Unfortunately the OP-1 is not strong here. Try CWO on the engine with slightly pitch-shifted delays and 50+ feedback to create a wash, into the spring or delay on the master for fatness and stereo depth.

very little lfo on the pitch, generous delay on the synth and some spring on the master, or fx vice versa…

It’s can be a lengthy process to get the tuning right, but you can get longer tails by recording at a higher tape speed and bringing it back down. Just remember the pitch of the synth/drum and the reverb tail will come down when you move the tape speed back.

I will try these ideas tonight. Thank you!