How to cut up a sample so sample slices are playable on keyboard?

Hi, fairly n00b user here, I’m looking to slice up a sample so I can play the sliced up sample parts on the keyboard. Here’s an example of Yuri Wong doing this with the Tropic Thunder “I’m a Dude”. You can see him playing the C on keyboard for “Me!”, then the D for “I know who I am”, etc.

I found this howto with google searching but it just shows how to capture the sample, which I’ve been able to do.

Thanks in advance! My apologies if this question has been asked before; I searched around on the forums but without clear results.

To slice a sample, first you’ll have to record the audio onto the tape. You can do this by recording from a synth or drum kit, or by recording from outside.

Then, find a section you’d like to chop up that is no longer than 12 seconds (the max total length of a sample for drum mode), lift it from the tape, go to the drum mode, select a preset that you’re ok with overwriting, and drop the lifted section there. Now you can press a key on the keyboard where you want to set a chop, and turn the green and white knobs to set the in and out points, respectively. Repeat this for as many keyboard keys as you like, and that’s it! You can also adjust the pitch of each hit independently by turning the blue knob. :slight_smile:

Here’s an article from the user guide that summarises things.



Awesome, thank you for the thoughtful reply. Will give it a shot and lost how it goes!

Re: clobbering a preset , that is kind of a bummer … is there a way to restore the default preset(s) after I am done playing around with the sample slicing?

That’s also in the manual

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Thanks, I will rtfm :wink:

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