How to do Midi layers ?

Hi !

First of all, I'm a MIDI noob.
I'm currently trying to map the OP-1 with Serato to use it as a controller.

I wonder if there is a way to make layers on the OP-1.
For exemple:
- button 1 = layer for deck one
- button 2 = layer for deck two
- etc.

If I presse 1 and then use the blue color encoder, it will affect the deck 1 FX 1.
If I presse 2 and then use the blue color encoder, it will affect the deck 2 FX 2.

Napkin 20.07.14 3.01.17 PM

The only things I've manage to do is to use the notes and the octave shifts.
- Octave 0 = deck 1
- Octave +2 = deck 2

The problem is that I can only use the musical keyboard and use blue and green encoder for deck 1 fx and white and red for deck 2 fx.

That probably depends on the MIDI implementation of the Serato software. Another solution would be to have some kind of MIDI filter between the two. Perhaps Mutable Instruments’ MIDIpal could do that? Also worth checking is if the OP-1 sends a different CC when the rotary encoders are pressed down, that would be one way to differentiate between the decks too.

Just a few quick thoughts on the topic!

get a midi sniffer midi ox for win, midi monitor for OSX and figure out what midi is being send from the OP-1 and set serento to those midi calls you want.