How to get patterns from Po-35 onto iphone?

Hello, I’m new to pocket operators and synth/samplers in general. Just bought a my first PO and i’m confused as to how to get the patterns off it and onto iPhone/mac? I’ve seen a few videos but they’re all using 3rd party recorders. I’ve got a cable that’s letting me put samples onto my PO but I can’t figure out how to get my patterns onto garageband?
My phone is an iphone 7 so things are even more confusing bc i don’t have a headphone jack lol
As I said, this is all super new to me so any help/ suggestions would be super duper appreciated : - )

Hey @berlioz, you’ll need to get an audio interface if you want to record onto an iPhone or computer, then you connect it using an audio cable. The other option, like you suggested, is an external recorder that has audio in.

Thank you!!! Was getting super confused there.

Irig hd 2 - to help you❤️‍🔥

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