How to get started with modular for absolute beginner?

I’ve just completed constructing my PO-170. However, I’ve no idea whatsoever how to use it. There’s very little guidance from TE.

Can you suggest a good place to learn the basics? I’ve never used any type of electronic music device so I need to start with the fundamentals.

Thanks in advance for you advice!

Check out he makes really great content. Also in case you are already not aware. TE modular equipment features no reverse polarity protection so you must be extra careful that you do not plugin patch cables the wrong way such as output to output.


Thanks for the tip!

I believe the reverse polarity refers to the power plug orientation. Eurorack modules typically have diodes over the power pins to prevent reverse polarity power from damaging the unit (used to be easy in eurorack w/ unshrouded headers).

I’ve had a friend patch mine with out to out several times with no issues (and no actual change in sound as this does nothing for the patch!)

I remember seeing somewhere in the original PO-400 documentation that no self-patch will actually harm the device (understandably). External voltages however who knows what people are gonna stick in there…

YouTube has a few greats:
Mylar Melodies
Ricky Tinez

there was an official image patched with out to out :sunglasses: