How to go about selling an op-1

Hey I have never sold anything online and I am trying to get rid of my hardly used op-1. Any advice on how to go about this in a quick and easy way?

There’s always going to be someone online wanting to buy one so there’s a market out there.

You need to make whatever it is you are selling even more desirable.

Take as many photos as you can of the thing and show it in detail. Take macro shots of knobs and the screen etc, show that it’s working and show how good condition it’s in. I’ve never understood why people selling premium items on eBay just take one sh*t blurred phone photo.

Put as much detail into the description as you can about the item, how much you’ve taken great care of it and that it’s been in a smokefree studio. Quite a lot of people are just dealers of premium and wanted items like the OP-1 and they’ll just copy-paste a description from the TE site. Make yours much more personal. If I was buying one I’d like to know I was just the 2nd owner.

That’s the tactics I always use on eBay and do well by them.

Ty so much

Step 1. Get OP-1
Step 2. ?
Step 3. Profit!!!

Good luck!!!!

Everything spacetravelmadeeasy said. Also say why you’re selling it, how long you’ve had it. Did you buy it first or second hand?

As for places to sell it, there’s Ebay. But with a highly priced item like a synth they will take a chunk of the sell price in fees. I think it’s 10% + any listing fees. Worth looking into before you list. So if you sell it for £600 in total they will take £60 of that straight away, + a bit more.
Also Paypal take a cut I think about 2-3%. Again worth looking into and bearing in mind.

Amazon take an even bigger chunk. Though i’ve only ever sold books there.

Selling directly to somebody on here is also a good idea. There’s more risk but you cut out the middle man and get some of your money back that would’ve gone on fees.

I bought mine directly from a forum member here, and it turned out to be a freaking awesome deal. But yeah, pictures, description and having an open line of communication were very helpful when it came time for me whether to buy one off a member here or off of ebay. In the end, I think if you can sell it though the forums, then its best, as people here tend to know what they want and what they are looking for.