How to import a track recorded on album in the tape

Hi Everybody,

I’m new here and i’m an OP1 user since 3 weeks.

Does anybody know how to get a track recorded with album and paste it in tape ? I don’t even know if it’s possible …

Thanks !

If I understand you correctly you want to record the album to a tape track? It’ll be in mono. But you select the mic input to ear and select the tape track you want to record on to. Then just start the tape and the record and that’s it.

I’ve found that bouncing via Ear is quite tricky, I always end up with terrible levels (distortion or stuff that’s way too quiet)

An alternative is to use a computer to move the album to the tape - connect via USB mode, copy the album file onto PC, use a DAW to split it into 2x mono files, then copy those into the tape folder on the OP-1.


thanks for your answers.

I think that even if op1 is really great to create, it’s not a “post-production tool”. I’m a bit disappointed cause i really like the drive effect as an easy to use compressor.

The tip of the separated mono tracks edited in a daw will certainly be a good option for me.

By the way, i notice a lack of bass frequencies in the main mix. Don’t you ?

Cheers from France :slight_smile: