How to insert new bars in middle of a song


I’ve been getting into the weeds with the OP1 over the last couple of months. It helps to dedicate some time every day to work on songs. Getting the controls and knobs “under your fingers” makes a huge difference. Everything, including the tape, becomes more like an instrument, rather than a tool.

One question… let’s say you have a song, and you want to insert a few bars in the middle. How do you do that? A few points

  • Want to stay in the OP1, not a DAW, if possible
  • I know how to copy/paste single tracks and entire sets of tracks using the lift and drop, and using the loop region and shift-lift
  • I also know how to nudge with the blue knob. And how to hit shift > at the same time, so the nudge pushes one bar at a time. (I don’t know what that nudge will do when all the tape to the right isn’t joined.)

So, any tips?


sounds like u got all the necessary tools

Thanks, but recently I had a 4 minute song, and wanted to insert a few bar at about a minute into it. Doing anything I described is very tedious and error-prone.

If those techniques are indeed all that I can do, any advice on making it less difficult would be appreciated!


  • Joe

This is the point where you decide are you okay working in the environment of the tape and it is error prone… who knows, maybe you get a happy mistake…

Or you could live with it as is and not make any changes…

Or move to a DAW and continue working on it from there.

For me, I tend to get to the point where I can tell the interface is slowing me down more than speeding me up, and it is time to move to another device/DAW/whatever…

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“where I can tell the interface is slowing me down more than speeding me up”.

Well put! I’ve been doing my best to use the OP1 to its fullest. However, if and when I ever do post any songs publicly or go further with my tracks, I’ll suppose I’ll go back to the dreaded DAW.


  • Joe

+1 for @Sterkinator’s vibe

FWIW - Use the OP-1 for it’s strengths, and then move to your DAW / more flexible work station to take it further / finish it. Or stick to the OP-1 and see if you can convince yourself that there is any advantage beyond that intuitive point.

what you want to do is very easy on the op1…set album to record. hit play on tape. when you come to the section where you want to add two bars, hit shift plus forward or backwards to move to your two bar loop, then hit shift plus forward to leave the two bar loop and continue with your song.

the tape/album combo on the op1 is great for making completed, arranged songs.


Sorry not to get back to you sooner!

Like other instruments, there’s more territory to explore and get “under my fingers”. And get over any learning curve concerns. Using the album as a pseudo-track is not something I’ve tried yet. As described, it doesn’t yet sound easy to me.

But, again, once I do get it under my fingers, it looks like that technique will be worth checking out.


  • Joe

Is there a way to hit play on the Tape as soon as I hit record on the Album? Or a way to make them sync better. I usually hit record on Album and have to switch over to the Tape and press play so they never line up exactly, which causes problems when trying to resample back to Tape. Should I add a count-in and then try to line things up later with splicing the tape at just the right spot? This is what keeps me from using this method more…

The other reason I don’t use Album is that AFAIK you can only REC, PLAY, STOP, or REC from the beginning. And there’s no undo. So you can’t even record something for a minute, stop, and resume, right?

Of course, I could just try it and experiment. But that’s why I view the Album as a rather inflexible, fragile, one-way express voyage.

  • Joe

personally i find bouncing to another tape track using ear
easier when resampling etc than using album for these types of things

easy to keep things lined up

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