How to Lofi on the OP1

One of the first videos that I made with the OP1 and it’s finding a nice home on Youtube. “How to Lofi on the OP1”.

Here it is incase you’ve missed it:


Great video, really enjoyed rewatching it. Haven’t used my op-1 lately… can‘t wait for it. Thx

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My pelasure! :slight_smile:

… always very entertaining. Maybe I’m going to try out the sidechain effect with the trem lfo. Thanks

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The big question is how NOT to lofi lol. Cool vid man


Lol indeed!

Entertaining video btw.

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Hadn’t even thought of sidechain effect with tremelo… facepalm

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Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hey enjoyed your video!
I’d like to recommend a few things to maybe include in your next one!!!
Maybe some further details on how you either created or found your drum kit! and the way you created your pattern! Same thing goes for your chop, if its copy right reasons you didn’t show, i understand… but just curious how you arranged your sample into chops and made it sound the way it did.

Good luck on your you tube adventure.

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I’ll consider this! Thanks for your input