How to merge 2 OP-1 mono tracks into a stereo one and keep the size

Hello,I’ve got an issue with the Split Battle.

I’ve recorded 2 panned tracks (4 tracks in reality) directly on tape.
Then i’ve got this in the OP-1 mixer :
Track 1 left
Track 4 right
Track 2 left
Track 3 right

I would like to merge tracks 1/4, and tracks 2/3.

I’ve just made it with Audacity (aiff 32bits float), but each track on the OP-1 is mono and sized 31MB.
When I
merge in Stereo, this makes 121MB files for each tracks :confused:

That’s quite logical cause off the Mono to Stereo transformation…but then, how can I manage to merge these tracks with an external tool, and get it back on 2 OP-1 stereo tracks ?

Please help :smiley:

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do… do you want to put them back on the op-1 as stereo tracks? That wouldn’t work since the op-1’s 4 tracks are all strictly mono. Also, I think editing the tracks externally and then bringing it back into the op-1 wouldn’t work in any case, since the tracks contain metadata for recording/loop positions… though I’m not 100% sure on that one (can anyone clarify?)

we need a little OP1 daw don’t we :wink: now if TE would allow us to import/export metadata…

@eesn yeah that would be amazing… including a synth/drum snapshot editor. I’d actually pay for something like that!

It seems to be impossible then…
A little OP-1 daw would be nice.

Finally, I’ve stereoized my 2 tracks and worked on my DAW…

I had not used in a long time ! And suddenly everything became clear :D
For cons, I’m not sure that my track enters the rules for battle 38 :/

“exceptions are allowed when you feel you have to break the rules for your artistic freedom” :smiley: