How to monitor and record OP-1 audio directly into iPhone video!

Long time lurker, first time poster. I finally cracked the code for getting op1 audio to record directly to the iphones native camera app when recording video!

Video I recorded using my method: video!

aux cable → cheapo $5 audio interface thingy → usb Iphone camera connector kit → iphone 11 pro

links to products at the bottom!

the only way I got the monitoring to work while using video was with an old beatmaking app called “Beatmaker 2”!
I remembered that it was always still monitoring while i went out of the app a few years ago and its literally the only way i’ve gotten this setup to work perfectly. open the app, new audio track and turn on monitoring. it’ll still monitor while youre texting, scrolling reddit and recording video on the native app!

dug the internet for months and never found any way to do this. I even messaged TE for help and they didn’t know a work around either. I really hope this helps someone desperate like i was. don’t buy that $100 line 6 audio interface or whatever it doesnt work with ios 13

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USB Sound Card Adapter: http***s://
$10 and under / not the exact one I use but literally any of them should work. make sure it has headphone output as well.

Apple Lightening to USB Camera Connection Adapter: http***s://
$33 / regular usb, the fancier one with usbc hisses when recording

Beatmaker2: http***s://

everything + a set of decent mixing headphones is still cheaper than a lot of audio interfaces i’ve seen recommended to try this out! if anyone could confirm if it works on iPad as well I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
happy instagramming!



Cool work-around on the monitoring issue, I love info like this thanks

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there are alot of video recording apps that allow monitoring too.
seems like a way simpler solution

mind telling me which ones you know of?? would love to try them out! only heard of one when researching and it was 15 bucks so i didnt get to try it out. thank u!

i’ve been using an app called MoviePro
it was only a couple bucks when i bought it a few years ago

i dont remember the other apps as its been awhile since i was looking
but most of them allow monitoring if i’m not mistaken.
it may not always be spelled out in bold letters in the little app descriptions

also some interfaces give u direct montioring capability
so u dont need the app to be able to monitor.
i use an irig one that has this feature, i think the roland go mixer can do this too.
just to name a few.

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